Faith for the Impossible – ONE STEP AT A TIME

  • Post published:April 27, 2021
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“Hi sweetheart,” Rebecca kissed her baby as she lifted her into her arms. She held her close for a few minutes, breathing in her daughter’s sweet scent feeling thankful for this little bundle of joy.  Gently standing her on the

floor, she held onto her tiny hands. Ginger immediately started bending her knees, bobbing up and down as she appeared to move to the beat of the music playing in the room. “That’s good Ginger,” laughed Rebecca. “Let’s keep on moving!” Rebecca slowly guided her daughter to practice walking, one small step after another. For weeks Rebecca assisted Ginger as she walked preparing her for the day to take that first big step alone.

Now Daddy wanted to get in on the act. Squatting down a few feet in front of Ginger and throwing open his arms, he beckoned her forward. “Come to Daddy, Ginger. Come on. You can do it baby.” Rebecca lightly held Gingers hands as she helped her to walk one small step at a time. After a few minutes, Rebecca gently released her hands. With Ginger’s attention focused on her daddy, she didn’t realize she was walking alone. Daddy’s grin grew wider. Excitedly, he kept up the encouragement, “Come on Ginger! You’re walking!” Suddenly, Ginger’s expression became puzzled, then quickly changed to shock. Her eyes grew large, her month dropped open, her body teetered and “PLOP” she sat down. “Whaaaaaa!” Rushing to her side, her daddy picked her up and drew her into a tight hug as he whispered loving words of comfort to her.

 What do you suppose Ginger was thinking when she realized she was walking alone?
Maybe she was thinking, “I can’t walk! Geez mom and dad, you must be crazy! How can I possibly do that?”

Taking a first step alone may seem overwhelming or even impossible on those cute little, wobbly legs.

The same can be said for walking in faith, when we feel our faith is little and wobbly. We often look at our overwhelming and seemingly impossible situations and think, “How can I possibly do that?”

Perhaps we can take a lesson from Rebecca and Ginger.  Ginger did not take her first step the minute she was placed on the floor.  With help from her mother, Ginger practiced taking one small step at a time, which strengthened her muscles and confidence.

We too can strengthen our faith muscles and grow our confidence by having faith for one small thing at a time. By practicing with small things, and God’s help, soon our faith will be ready to tackle
those large seemingly impossible situations.

For with God nothing will be impossible. Luke 1:37

What if we fail?

Failure is ok. We are only human.  There will be times when we step out in faith, only to become fearful or overwhelmed.  What happens then?

Though he may stumble, he will not fall,
for the Lord upholds him with His hand.
Psalm 37:24 NIV

Like Ginger’s daddy, because He loves us, our Heavenly Father will scoop us into His loving arms and whisper words of love and encouragement.

But God, who is rich in mercy,
because of His great love with which He loved us. Ephesians 2:4

Shall we look back at Ginger and see how she progressed?

One day, Rebecca heard a delighted squeal! Quickly turning she saw Ginger, her eyes bright with excitement and a big gummy grin across her face as she happily took slow, wabbly steps alone into her daddy’s arms!  The room echoed with joyous laughter as he lifted Ginger into his arms and twirled her around! “You did it!”

It doesn’t matter how small or wobbly our faith feels, with practice our faith can also grow.

Just like Ginger, with practice, love, encouragement and a little help along the way, she learned to walk one step at a time. We can do the same.  When we use our faith for little things and see results, then we can take a big step to have faith for those overwhelming and seemingly impossible situations.

Don’t minimize the small steps of faith.

Each small step of faith we take is as much a victory as each large step of faith.

Because even the small steps give us victories over matters of the heart, like fear or doubt.  Whether our steps are large or small, one day with a big grin we will walk in faith seeing victory as we hear our Heavenly Father say,
“You did it!”


What small step of faith can you take today?


Heavenly Father as I write and say Luke 1:37 aloud, help me see how to take small steps of faith daily. Show me the small things that in faith I can believe you to do. Help me to see even the small victories and to be thankful for them. In Jesus name. Amen.



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Walking baby photo by Juan Encalada, unsplash
Surprised baby photo by Shalev Chen, unsplash
Child walking photo by Daniellem Macinnes, unsplash