“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7

Asking for a first date?

Getting lost with a GPS?

What do these have to do with faith?

These are examples of the common situations the author uses to explain faith. Through devotionals, daily faith focus scriptures, prayers and even physical activities you will learn:

TRUST – Trust that God is trustworthy and able to do whatever you need.

LOVE – Build your confidence that God loves you.

FAITH – Learn actions and words to reinforce and build your faith.

With this book, the author guides you into a 31-day adventure to find that faith you have heard about and longed for.

About Diane

Like many of you, I have had “challenges” in my life. Some challenges defeated me, and some strengthened me. But along the journey with the good and bad, there was an opportunity for my faith to grow. Perhaps you have experienced some of the same challenges.

So, what have I been through to affect my faith? Here are some of the highlights; inability to conceive, miscarriage, difficult pregnancy, a seriously ill child, marriage issues, divorce. Then there were low finances, dating again, remarriage, blended families, extended illness, children, broken trust, congregation split, elderly parent, and the list goes on and on.

We live in an imperfect world, so there will always be challenges. How we react to those challenges and who we depend on will determine the amount of peace we have as we walk through them. I pray as you take this journey; you will grow your faith and increase your peace. 


A new approach to daily devotionals
"Most devotionals are great while you're reading them, but you forget what you read as your day progresses. The beauty of this devotional is that it makes you internalize what you read with the stories and short lessons included . This is a great book for individual and family times with God. It's full of scripture. It's down to earth, where we all live and it's FUN! I highly recommend this daily devotional that approaches getting to God in a refreshing way."
Anne C.
Inspirational, creative and comforting
"This book combines down to earth, entertaining and uplifting daily devotionals on a daily basis covering a one month period. It is a refreshingly unique style that includes spiritual exercises periodically interspersed between the daily readings. It buttressed my faith in God’s goodness and sovereignty to face and overcome life’s Inevitable challenges. I’m looking forward to more books of this nature from this inspiring author."
Amazon Customer

A deeper and closer encounter with God

"Growing up I tried different ways to feel close to God. This book teaches you how you can have a “real” closeness to God, and how God wants to be close to you. This book isn’t just “words”. The author gives examples with life situations. I love how the author helps you to try to understand how not to give up on God, but to learn who God really is and why God does what He does. I also appreciate how the author gives Scriptures that go along with the examples. If you want a deeper and closer encounter with God-READ THIS BOOK!"
JoAnn W.