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Putting her arms around Jeff, Ginger sweetly spoke, “We need a dinette table and 4 chairs. Let’s go shopping.”  “Ok,” Jeff agreed laughing.  In the furniture store Jeff and Ginger looked at multiple dinettes sitting in each chair to find the right fit.

“Ah! This one is so pretty,” cooed Ginger. A frown creased her face as she sat down. “The chair is too hard!”  Moving from one dinette chair to another they found them to be too deep, too high, too low or too narrow. “Ohhh!” sighed Ginger satisfaction lighting her face. “This one is just right!” Jeff sat down. “Perfect! Now we have to figure out who to invite to dine with us!”


It’s much larger than a dinette table with four chairs. It’s large enough for everyone!  Jesus has lovingly prepared a seat at His table to perfectly fit each occupant no matter what their chair preference.

He placed me at his banquet table,
for everyone to see that his banner over me

declares his love,
Song of Solomon 2:4 The Voice


In His love for us, Jesus invites everyone to dine at His table. Well, maybe not the cat. However, for the rest of us, neither our occupation, social status, guilt, faithfulness or lack thereof matters. He proved that by dining with tax collectors, sinners, and disciples, (Matthew 9:10-12).

In Matthew 15:30-38, multitudes followed Jesus for three days while He compassionately healed the sick. Concerned that they needed to eat, all were invited to dine from the abundance Jesus provided.

Then He took the seven loaves and the fish,
and when He had given thanks,
He broke them and gave them to the disciples, and they in turn to the people.
They all ate and were satisfied.
Afterward the disciples picked up seven basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over.
The number of those who ate was four thousand men, besides women and children.
Matthew 15:36-38 NIV

In a crowd this large wouldn’t there have been people from all walks of life? Did Jesus turn any of the 4,000 away? No! He loved them all, ministered to them all, healed them all & fed them all. Like Jesus welcomed them in love, He welcomes us all to dine at His table. No matter who we are, what we look like or what we have done.


Jesus has reserved a seat for us all and desires that everyone will sit at His table. Some may ignore His invitation. Others may see His table, but never take a seat. Those who accept His invitation and have faith to sit down will dine with Him for all eternity.

(Jesus), Who desires all men to be saved 
and to come to the knowledge of the truth,
 1 Timothy 2:4


Once we have faith to sit at His table, we can freely partake, 24/7, of all that He lovingly sets before us. Although He won’t be feeding us fish like the multitudes, the food at His table will fill our hearts and minds.


There is an abundance of bread at Jesus’ table. It’s even gluten free! In fact, His love for us is so great that digesting it can heal any allergy or food intolerance. What bread does He serve? The bread of life.

 And Jesus said to them, 
“I am the bread of life. 
He who comes to Me shall never hunger,
and he who believes in Me shall never thirst,
 John 6:35

We digest the bread of life by filling our hearts and minds with God’s Word; reading, meditating and studying it.  Adding communication with Jesus through prayer and listening as we follow Him, ensures our souls will never hunger or thirst, but be satisfied.


The fruit at Jesus’ table can’t be purchased at the store. However, this fruit multiplies and ripens within us as we digest the bread of life.

But the fruit of the Spirit is
love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness,
faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.
Against such there is no law.,
Galatians 5:22-23


My ideal banquet table would include a few sweets which the Lord has thoughtfully provided. The sweetness of His Word should satisfy any sweet tooth.

How sweet are your words to my taste,
    sweeter than honey to my mouth!
Psalm 119:103 NIV

So come, sit at Jesus’ table!
He has reserved a seat to fit you perfectly where you can freely eat from His abundance.



Would you like to dine at Jesus’ table? (See* below)


Heavenly Father, as I write John 6:35 and say it aloud, help me to sit by faith at Jesus’ table and partake of all He sets before me. In Jesus name, Amen.


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